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All the instruments were given an co written range from the B below the treble staff to the F, one space above the three ledger lines above staff, giving each saxophone a range of two and a half octaves. One company has recently revived production of the C soprano and C melody.

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At the opposite extreme from the classical mouthpieces are those with a small chamber and Sax marathi com low clearance above the reed between the tip and the chamber, called high baffle. The "long tones" exercise is used to develop embouchure, along with airstream and breath control. Recent years have seen the use of higher copper alloys substituted for the "yellow brass" or "cartridge brass" that are most common, for visual and tonal effect. Yanagisawa 's and series saxophones are made with phosphor bronzewhich is claimed to offer slightly different, more "vintage" tonal qualities from the brass and models of identical design.

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